The Science of Happiness | Harvard Magazine Jan-Feb 2007

This is a fascinating article about what makes us feel good — a must-read for mental health professionals and anyone interested in finding more happiness, peace, and stability in their lives. via The Science of Happiness | Harvard Magazine Jan-Feb 2007.

Review of “Know Thyself” from Children’s Mental Health Network

The Children’s Mental Health Network has provided a review of my book, saying the illustrations are “wonderful” and that the book serves as a good tool for helping children build their Observer.  Read the review here: via Know Thyself: A Kid’s Guide to the Archetypes – Children’s Mental Health Network.

Some good research and thoughts on what we can do about obesity with young children.

Still Time to Get Your Free PDF of “Know Thyself”

Thanks so much for all the requests!  It is fun to hear from people all over the world, and the response from readers so far has been overwhelmingly positive! It has been an amazing journey creating this book, and I am very excited about its publication and the potential it has to help children become…

Is Positive Thinking a Bunch of Hooey?

I will definitely need to read Barbara Ehrenreich’s newest book. Not only is she one of my favorite political writers, but now she is delving into cultural criticism related to the mental health field’s relentless pursuit of “positive thinking.” Newsweek’s Julia Baird provides a short review: […] In her new book, Bright-Sided: How Relentless Promotion…

Talking Less to Save Your Marriage

This headline in MSN jumped out at me — “How To Improve Your Marriage Without Talking About it” — because I recently talked with a couple about needing to talk to each other less. That’s right — to make their relationship work better, talk less. The corollary for their situation was: do more. Talk less,…