What’s the Clinton Foundation Doing for Women’s Empowerment? – Inside Philanthropy 


On an unusually warm February day in New York City, the Clinton Foundation’s Clinton Global Initiative (CGI) convened its annual winter meeting, bringing together over 450 leaders across the public and private sectors to discuss and (hopefully) make progress on some of the most difficult challenges of our time. Invited to the meeting, I came to observe and learn more about CGI and the foundation’s ongoing strategy for women’s empowerment. 

The day’s events included President Bill Clinton in conversation with Chobani yogurt executive Hamdi Ulukaya—who, by the way, is one of IP’s favorite donors for coming to the rescue of Syrian refugees—as well as several topic-specific breakout sessions and a plenary with Chelsea Clinton engaging finance and philanthropy leaders in dialogue about LGBT issues and the refugee crisis. Also on my agenda was an interview with Terri McCullough, Director of the No Ceilings Initiative at the foundation.

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