The Mizuho Foundation Pitches in for Effort to Remove Financial Barriers to Re-entry – Assets | Financial Inclusion | Grants – Inside Philanthropy

For my friends and colleagues who work in corrections and re-entry, I bet many of you can bear witness to how valuable this work is. If we can help individuals get on their feet financially when they get out of prison, they are much less likely to make return visits. Here’s one funder that totally gets it: The Mizuho Foundation.

It’s not easy getting back on your feet when you’re released from prison. Many detainees leave the big house with little more than a few dollars and a bus pass, returning to deal with unpaid bills and unreviewed accounts, and often no real income potential in the future.

The Mizuho USA Foundation appears is wading into these difficult waters. Among other programs, Mizuho is the major funder of the New Ground Initiative. Currently finishing its second year of implementation, this initiative has supported 10 organizations and 20 programs that are practicing…

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