Important reminder about how important it is to read to your child, in utero and beyond!

The Hot Potato

Lu Lewis

“Ask Ms. Lu”

Q. When should I begin reading to my child?

Ms. Lu:  It is never too early to read to your child because the child recognizes the mother’s voice before the baby is born. The mother’s voice is very soothing to the child. You should begin to read to your child as soon as you know you are expecting and should definitely begin as soon as the he or she is born.

Reading is important because it develops vocabulary and language. Vocabulary development is the best practice for easing your child into reading. You want your child to recognize a lot of words–especially words you do not normally use regularly. Reading is also a good practice because it allows the child to be close to you.  By reading to them regularly, such as before bedtime, they will associate reading as a pleasant thing to do.

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