Author and Education Historian Diane Ravitch posts an excellent video on the importance of play.

Diane Ravitch's blog

Stephanie, a reader, sent this short video.

Please stop and watch it.

The point is about how important play is.

It happens that play matters for little children, but it matters for adolescents and for adults.

When we rob our children of play, we rob them of their childhood.

When we rob adolescents and adults of play time, we rob them of time for laughter, time for creativity, and time to have fun.

When we subtract creativity, laughter, and fun from our society, we get a drab world.

We get a world where no one is silly, no one has a new idea, no one jumps for joy.

When we lose those qualities, we become grad grinds, churning out grades and scores to please the computer.

That’s not a healthy world, or a world that brings out our best, or a world where humans can thrive and grown. Not…

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