Gardening can be a great form of therapy. Doing a project like this one also builds community spirit and gives people a place to do something positive, even if the economy isn’t booming and we just gave $75 million to Curt Schilling for apparently nothing.

Today the weather cleared and we were able to put in 16 more beds at the Edgewood Community Garden, which sits on the corner of the parking lot of Edgewood-Highlands Elementary School. The workers toiled quickly in the hot sun and managed to build and install 8 4-bed units in less than two hours!

You can also see pictures of the progress of our patch of garden. Everything seems to be coming along nicely, although one head of spinach appeared to been gnawed off, probably by a hungry little creature. Other than that, I am impressed at how easily this garden is starting its life.

We also cleared another half bed today and planted seeds for beans, cabbage, radishes, and squash.

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