Interesting post which points to the need for children to work on identity development early in life. We are a nation that will be recreating itself in those young identities.

William Holland

Other than George Orwell, I can only think of two men who engagingly wrote about the social impact of superior technology on permanent unemployment:  Milton Friedman & Peter Drucker.  Dr. Drucker is a far more sophisticaed realist than the arcane specialist like Friedman.  Although Friedman had truck loads of common sense, his mastery of arcane aggregates gave him unrivaled authority.  I’ve always preferred Dr. Peter Drucker, if only because of his superior historical and philosophical background.  For Drucker, (who spent his lifetime reading/studying Toynbee and McLuhan) the American political and social economy is entering a volatile time of ‘structural unemployment’.  This is defined as permanent job loss, most often because an intrinsic change in the nature of an indigenous economy.  Our rapidly changing, and technologially advanced economy is only fit for those who seek mobility.  Hopefully the rest of our political economy will catch up.  Who needs a 30 year…

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