I’m reading more fiction and other kinds of writers these days, and have come across the works of Harley May, who is both funny and spot-on in her insights about daily living.

Harley May

A few things for all you fine people and then you can get back to your finery. I have a post up at An Army of Ermas: How To Feel More Like Indiana Jones In Your Everyday Life. You may read it here. Maybe the following photo is involved in some capacity.

Updates on My Year of Scary Living because I’m very serious about living scary.

1. I started researching venues in my area where I might be able to do standup. There’s a whole world and process I’m ignorant to so educating myself on how to get a foot in the door is important. 

2. I am writing the standup material and say it/work it out in my mind ALL THE TIME. This results in varying questions and thoughts: Will my parents care if I talk about them? Will my parents even come? Should I tell my parents I’m doing this? No, they really don’t need to know. I won’t tell them…

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