Good article on what works to turn a school around.


Published Online: January 17, 2012
Published in Print: January 18, 2012, as What Really Works in Turning Schools Around?
By Alan M. Blankstein and Pedro Noguera   
          An important feature of the Obama administration’s Race to the Top initiative is the call to turn around failing schools. The policy calls for persistently failing schools to be subjected to specific turnaround strategies, and $3.5 billion in federal School Improvement Grant funds has been allocated to support the effort.
          We applaud President Barack Obama’s desire to address this pervasive problem. However, we are concerned that the approach prescribed by the U.S. Department of Education, while well intentioned, is misguided. Because of the vast sums of federal dollars that have been directed toward this effort and the narrow timeline under which changes are expected to be made, we are seeing a new industry…

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