Music is Good for Executive Function and More

I have been thinking about music recently, ever since a colleague of mine questioned whether there is scientific proof of the effectiveness of music therapy. Hence, I started doing a little Googling on the subject and learned about a kind of therapy for ADHD called “Interactive Metronome.” If you visit the site, you can watch a short demo video of how the Interactive Metronome therapy works.

I can see why this therapy can be valuable, and it also reminded me of why learning to play an instrument can be important to the health and development of every child. Learning the counting and rhythm of music is a great way to integrate self-regulation. Once you get to the point of being able to play music, the activity can be wonderful for helping you to shift your mood. As explained in the following video produced by the Berklee School of Music, Music Therapy program, music can help with decreasing anxiety or depression. Music also helps the body relax and helps a person’s whole being get more involved in the moment.

More information on music therapy can be found here.