“Kiersten Marek’s skills are fresh and unique. She has been a tremendous source of support through a very tough personal and professional period in my life. I have a very high pressure career that requires the constant need to tap into the use of people skills in a highly creative environment. Kiersten’s use of Carol Pearson’s archetype methodology has been a tremendous help to me both personally in my own life and professionally on the job. I highly recommend her.”

“Kiersten helped us make difficult decisions about where our child should go to school. She helped us talk about all of our options and assisted us in making a joint decision as a family. She was instrumental in providing clarity in our roles within the family so to empower our son to make important decisions (which allowed him to regain his sense of self,) while balancing our roles as the guardians of his well being. She assisted us in establishing these boundaries so that we all felt important in the decision-making process.”

“In addition, Kiersten supplied written material for the schools to support her assessment of our child’s educational placement needs. And finally, she helped our child work on social skills to assist him in getting along better with others both at home and at school.”

“I found our experience with her to be extremely balanced, comprehensive and most of all . . . effective!” — mother of a 12 year old boy

“Working with Kiersten, we found ways to help my child develop better planning and organization skills. She also suggested online exercises to help with vocabulary and math.”

“Kiersten helped facilitate communication in our family, and by doing so, we were able to identify ways that we could get along better. Kiersten also provided a letter to the schools detailing how they could best address my child’s educational needs.” — mother of a 10 year old